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   Our engineering team developing dynamically since 2006 and acting in the field of construction-architecture refers to the advanced technology and experiences of leading international companies in order to develop its performance according to modern construction standards and is implementing various construction projects by using of its own technical resources.
   The main activity direction of the company was implementation of complex services on the construction of administrative, civil, agricultural and industrial facilities, also repair-reconstruction works and development of the ways of constructive solutions. As a company, we apply our experience collected at all stages from emergence of ideas up to implementation of project in solution of issues faced by clients at all stages of construction process.
   Long-standing experience and continuous improvement of professional skills allows us to carry out unique, bright and memorable works. Our team consists of specialists who hold the same views with each other, they have an experience in solution of non-standard problems. Each of us loves our work and tries to use new knowledge and advanced technologies to get the best results.
   “ELTA CONSTRUCTION” LLC, which continues its activity under a new name since 2014, works with high professionalism to meet the targets and goals on the basis of construction concepts meeting modern requirements. Our goal is to offer more optimal ways of solutions for upcoming duties, these must fully meet the needs of consumers not only by increasing the efficiency of existing types of activity, but also by covering a wider range of professional interests of regular and potential clients. We strive to become one of the best construction companies and strengthen our position in the rank of leading companies by demonstrating high technological approach to the construction business.
   The structure of our company enables us to use of personnel resources having productive, financial and high professionalism in the most effective way. Thanks to the control of professional engineer staff, “ELTA CONSTRUCTION” Company carries out any business cycle operatively and qualitatively at any stage of construction process. Thanks to the high professionalism of experienced employees of the Quality Department, also engineer on labor defense, safety technique and environmental protection, the number of work accidents at the facilities is minimized.
   Instruction measures are taken in advance for safety technique and work types by conducting all assessments on environmental aspects. The ability of the company management to listen to the associates and to accept their initiatives is an important factor that demonstrates the excellence of management and of course, it has a positive impact to the application of the quality management system.
   “ELTA CONSTRUCTION” guarantees the quality of projects conducted by it. We are ready to overcome all stages of compound construction process in order to provide the reliability of our products.